February 14, 2023 | Jon Hautamäki


Partnership with Divly!

Nordic Law is pleased to start a partnership with Divly!

Divly is a Swedish tech company that offers a tool for crypto tax calculation and aims at making the process of calculating and reporting crypto taxes simpler and less stressful.

It was an easy decision for Nordic Law to partner up with Divly - as a Swedish company, Divly is in an excellent position to offer crypto tax calculation services to the Nordic taxpayers. As a partner of Divly, we shall assist Divly to ensure that its crypto tax calculation service works seamlessly especially on the Finnish market and that possible regulatory changes in Finland are taken into regard in Divly's service.

Furthermore, Nordic Law shall provide Divly users an easy access to legal assistance in crypto taxation on the Finnish market, whereby our services can be utilized in more complex crypto tax matters, such as determining the tax position based on thousands of transactions and the filing of the subsequent tax declarations, claims for adjustment of tax decisions and tax inspections. This being said, we naturally also provide our assistance in the more mundane crypto tax matters.

Divly users may use our services for a discounted fee, so please do not hesitate contact us via the Divly service.

Shortly about Divly

Divly was founded in 2021 with a principle that "everyone should be able to use cryptocurrencies without being overwhelmed by complex tax regulations and reporting requirements". Hence came Divly.

Divly provides an automated crypto tax calculation solution that seamlessly supports 100+ exchanges & wallets (for example Coinmotion in Finland), 7000+ cryptocurrencies, and tax calculations for 10+ countries (Finland being one of those countries).

Divly aims to consistently fact check all its information with local tax authorities and local tax lawyers (such as Nordic Law), whereby Divly's tax engine is customized for every supported country to ensure improved accuracy and reliability.

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