• Jon Hautamäki

    Jon is an experienced commercial technology lawyer and the Managing Partner of Nordic Law. He advises domestic and international clients on complex questions related especially to fintech, Web3 and new emerging tech. Furthermore, Jon is a seasoned professional in matters concerning corporate and commercial law (including M&A) as well as tax and structuring.

    Jon Hautamäki

    Managing Partner

  • Max Atallah

    Max is an expert in data protection and legal matters related to emerging technologies, including Web3, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and fintech. As a CIPP/E certified data protection specialist accredited by the IAPP (International Association of Privacy Professionals), Max leads Nordic Law's Data Protection Team with proficiency and dedication.

    Max Atallah


  • Alexander is as our CFO responsible for the firm’s financial management, accounting and invoicing matters. Moreover, Alexander also has got an active role in the firm’s operative management and the development of the firm.

    Alexander Sundström


  • Johan Thodén

    Johan is specialized in tax law and cryptocurrency law. Johan assists our clients in various assignments relating to domestic and international taxation as well as structuring. Furthermore, Johan has extensive experience in matters relating to the taxation of cryptocurrency.

    Johan Thodén


  • Jere Lehtimäki

    Jere specializes in Fintech regulation and virtual currency law. Jere assists our clients extensively in various areas of business law, especially with regard to Fintech projects. In addition to this, Jere has solid experience in assignments related to data protection.

    Jere Lehtimäki


  • Patrik Anthoni

    Patrik specializes in trademark law, brand protection, Fintech and crypto-asset regulation. Patrik assists our clients in various assignments, including trademark registrations and brand strategies, different authorization applications regarding PI’s, EMI’s and VASPs/CASPs. Patrik also has strong experience in traditional corporate and contract law.

    Patrik Anthoni


  • Mikael is specialized in contract law, dispute resolution, and regulation concerning crypto-assets and the FinTech sector. Mikael provides comprehensive support to our clients across various business scenarios, from drafting essential contracts for project commencement to navigating the intricate legal dimensions of emerging crypto-asset and FinTech services. Additionally, Mikael assists our clients in resolving disputes and navigating potential financial crime cases. Mikael’s authored article on sports law has also been published in Finland's leading sports law publication.

    Mikael Huhtala


  • Charlotta Grandell

    Charlotta is a part of our firm’s skilled trainee pool. She is currently enrolled as a law student at the University of Helsinki.

    Charlotta Grandell


  • Adeliina is a part of our firm’s skilled trainee pool. She is currently enrolled as a law student at the University of Helsinki.

    Adeliina Sulkanen

    Associate Trainee

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