January 15, 2015 | Jon Hautamäki


Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a essential part of the day-to-day business activities of a modern and socially conscious company. Especially as a part of the legal profession, corporate social responsibility should be emphasized. The legal profession is characterized by the many obligations we as practicing lawyers have, whereby it can be stated that we have obligations to our clients, the courts and authorities, the whole body of lawyers and citizens in general. Corporate social responsibility is an essential part of those obligations. Our view is that we can fulfill our corporate social responsibility by offering pro bono services to our clients. By offering pro bono services we strengthen our bonds to the society in which we are active. Therefore it can be deemed vital to practice a service that promotes the general well-being of citizens. Thus one of our main guidelines is that we regularly strive to set aside of our resources in order for us to be able to offer pro bono service to clients in need. For the above mentioned reasons our wish is that any client in need of pro bono service would be in touch with us. You can get in detail acquainted with our pro bono services prior contacting us. All email correspondence and discussions are held in absolute confidence.