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Fintech projects are about starting a new activity in the financial sector, and they almost always require a relevant authorisation or registration from the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finanssivalvonta). The application process consists of many legal needs, of which the most important are organising the activity, preventing money laundering and terrorist financing, data security, and storing customer funds.

Whether you are just planning the authorisation application or have already sent the application, your needs are always the same – an approved authorisation or registration.

Nordic Law is one of Finland's most experienced fintech law firms. Our comprehensive knowledge of fintech technology and the legislation concerning cooperating with the authorities guarantee leading the authorisation or registration process successfully from the beginning to the end.

The authorisation application has not been sent

Even if your planned fintech activity offers investment or payment services, establishing a fund, or virtual currency-related, it is advisable to employ a knowledgeable lawyer before taking the first steps. This ensures a smooth and successfully led authorisation process and saves you both time and money.

Fintech authorisation processes consist in large of so-called "silent knowledge." Without such knowledge, completing the authorisation process is extremely hard, as correctly interpreting the rules and legislation is virtually impossible without practical experience. We have amassed a significant amount of this silent knowledge as we have led and advised on countless authorisation and registration processes.

The authorisation application is pending

It is not uncommon that we are asked to help only when the authorisation process comes to a dead end. Usually, the reason is that something was done – or not done – during the process, and the supervising authority could not approve the application.

With our comprehensive knowledge, we can guide already pending or even rejected applications to a successful finish. With our help, your authorisation process can get a new chance, and your fintech project can finally be approved.

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