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    In business operations, unexpected situations may arise, which may lead to disagreements between contracting parties. We advice our clients in promoting settlements so that cooperation can ideally continue through the achievement of an amicable resolution. However, not all issues can be settled, in which case we also represent our clients in arbitration and general courts. During the lifespan of a company, alongside disputes, there may also be suspicions about the legality of the company's operations. Particularly in cases of suspicions for committed financial crimes, it should be noted that an entrepreneur, or other person in a responsible position within the company may become the subject of a criminal investigation related to e.g, taxation, insolvency, or board responsibilities.

    Both in disputes and in cases of suspected criminal offences, it is advisable to involve a professional advisor from the beginning achieve an amicable outcome and ensure legal protection. An expert's professional skills can be invaluable for a successful outcome, and discussions are typically more constructive when advanced with the help of an experienced specialist in dispute resolution and defense. With our assistance, you ensure the best possible outcome for your company or yourself.

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